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  Welcome to Provamo

This is the home for all things De Tomaso, including the DeTomaso Registry!

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The De Tomaso Registry contains data for more than 5,203 automobiles produced, including the Vallelunga, Mangusta, Pantera, Pantera L, Pantera GTS, Pantera Group 3, Pantera Group 4, Pantera GT4, Pantera GT5, Pantera GT5-S, Pantera SI, Longchamp, Deauville, Guara, Formula 1, Formula Junior, Sport racers and prototypes.

This is an all volunteer effort.

>>>   New Sections Are Always Under Construction Or Testing.  Patience is appreciated.  <<<

Note:> The purpose of this website is to host the De Tomaso Registry, and to reward contributors to the Registry with special content not available anywhere else.  To protect the privacy of owners a number of security features have been implemented.

There are several levels to this website, they include:

1) The Basic level does not require you to log in. Material that is accessible includes the Parts for Sale section and more.

2) The Member level begins after successful Login.  It contains the DeTomaso For Sale section, the DeTomaso Event Calendar, Non-DeTomaso Car Events some Technical Information and more.

3) The Share level is for those that have shared a car with the DeTomaso Registry, and now have access to the Registry, additional Technical Information, the Repair and Maintenance Manuals, Real-Time Video broadcasts of events, and much more.

Anyone can make a financial donation to help fund this site via Paypal, personal check or other means.  Even small donations are accepted gratefully!

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