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Phoenix 2012 Photo Gallery


I'm working on the rear axles instead of going to the Fun Rally

Here, Robert's red Pantera about to depart Houston for the Phoenix Fun Rally.

 "Coz" sent a large number of photos:

Some photos, like the one below, also link into the registry where you can see more photos of a specific car.

More of the left car here, more of the right car here.

  If you can identify a car (owner name, license plate, VIN ?) that does not link to it's registry entry, use the contact button below.  (Exp: the black car above, or the yellow car below.)

Can you identify these cars?

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If you have a DeTomaso related part for sale, It can be displayed for you here. Send text and images to ProvaMo using the contact button at the bottom.

Some of these items may be on consignment.


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